Should You Get A Pet-Friendly Apartment?

You are probably an animal lover. I mean, who isn’t? You’ve probably had a dog or a cat when you were a little boy and by the time you hit puberty, you were simply devastated by its death. And ever since, you didn’t get to have a pet anymore since you’ve moved out and went to school and real life hit you hard, and you didn’t have time for that anymore. However, now that you are settling down, you are considering this. You may be thinking: ‘but is there a place such as a pet-friendly apartment?’. And the answer is YES. Should you get one, though? This article will help you decide whether it is a good idea or not.

In fact, more and more buildings are starting to accept pets. People aren’t that cruel after all, are they? However, if you are going to buy or rent such a place, there are plenty of factors you need to consider.

First of all, you should check your lease. Make sure whether your landlord allows having pets anyway. Maybe he will impose some new things on you if you are going to have a pet. Most apartments in Raleigh will allow it, though.

For instance, some places impose a higher rent for pet owners. This is not discrimination, and it totally makes sense, since pets usually cause a bit of damage to the place – they, at least, damage the furniture.

Also, make sure to find out whether there are certain additional obligations for pet owners. This is not always the case, but sometimes, pet owners just have to abide by a set of different rules. Most of the rentals in Raleigh WILL have a different set of rules.

Remember that you can always revise the lease and have a small talk with your landlord to negotiate those terms. In fact, you are supposed to be up-front with the owner and tell him which points and rules you do not agree with. I don’t guarantee anything, but you might fix something with that.

Also, try to talk to other tenants and see if they agree with you having pets. You will also need to take a careful look at the apartment and see whether your place has enough space for you to hold a pet there. Most Raleigh apartments for rent will have enough space for that.

If you mind the rules, you can talk to all of your neighbors and have them sign a petition if your landlord does not agree to change at least some of the rules that you are concerned about. If he receives a petition that is signed by every single neighbor, however, you will increase your chances of success.

All in all, you should get a pet-friendly apartment if you want a pet. This way, both you and your pet will be happier.