The Dirtiest Spots In Your Place – How To Properly Clean Them

You may not be aware of this yet, but some of the most frequented areas in your apartment also happen to be some of the dirtiest spots there. Most apartments in raleigh, however, are properly cleaned by the landlord before tenants inhabit them. Bacteria are everywhere and it almost impossible to avoid them. Unless you live in a sterile hospital room, it will never go away – and the risk of getting an infection will always be there. This is why knowing that places present a risk of infection is an important step in sanitizing your interiors.

If you are going to do some cleaning any sooner, you should read this article. To prevent both you and your roommates from getting sick, you will have to clean certain spots more often than others.

First of all, sponges and rags are among the dirtiest and grossest spots in your apartment. Sponges usually hang around your sink, and you don’t give them attention. It doesn’t feel like they are dirty or infected, but they are. In fact, they are the main spot in which bacteria grows and breeds.

According to certain studies, up to 75 percent of the sponges and rags that were analyzed had plenty of dangerous bacteria. Not only will you need to disinfect them on a daily basis to be sure that your home is sterile, but you will also have to throw them away every once in a while – especially the sponges. In fact, it is safe to say that you should change your sponges at least once a week. Even though it may seem expensive, it is cheaper than having to pay a fortune for pills later on when you will get sick. There are plenty of rentals in Raleigh that will have sponges from the previous tenants – be sure to throw those away immediately!

Another big source of bacteria is cutting boards. You need to disinfect them every day. Not only will you have to do that on a daily basis, but you will also have to separate the vegetable cutting boards from the meat cutting boards for obvious reasons.  Raw meat has plenty of bacteria in it.

Toothbrushes are also a huge source of infection. Bacteria love those damp, moist spots in your home and toothbrushes are moist almost all of the time. To make sure that it won’t get gross, try to replace your toothbrush at least once every three months. Better safe than sorry!

Also, the kitchen sink and especially the drain are a main source of infection. It is, in fact, dirtier than your toilet after flushing it. Make sure that you clean your drains on a daily basis, especially if you are going to cook often.

Overall, to make sure that you are living in a safe and clean place, make sure that you follow these tips. Most tenants living in rental apartments will benefit from these tips.